H-1B Visa Approved – Client Review by Keiko M.

H-1B Visa Approved - H-1B Visa Lawyer & Attorney

All client testimonials are written by my former clients who you may request to contact and speak with, depending upon their personal schedules and preferences.

I have been a client of Michael for 7 years. (H1-B visa application and green card petition.)

Having searched for attorneys in several occasions, Michael has been and still is the most efficient, reasonable and kindest attorney I have ever met.

I live in San Francisco Bay Area, and though Michael’s main office is in Los Angeles, we have had no problems with processing. All correspondences are done by emails & phone calls in always a prompt manner.

First time was 7 years ago, when I and my employer were looking for an immigration attorney for my H1-B visa application, and I found Michael’s website, which was very comprehensive and resourceful. 

As soon as I inquired about his service and some questions by email, he responded immediately with all the information that I needed to know to start the application. 

Michael always responded promptly, and his service was the most reasonable among other attorneys I had searched for.

Michael provides very thoughtful step-by-step instructions on the application process, which made our application very easy and efficient.

My visa petition and my coworker’s were both accepted by USCIS!

Currently I and my husband are working on my green card petition with Michael.

This time again, he provided very easy-to-follow instructions, with prompt responses to my numerous questions and concerns, and my petition was submitted in total of just a few weeks of preparation time. 

I will and already have recommended Michael to my friends, family and anyone who is looking for the best immigration lawyer.

By Keiko A. from Santa Cruz, California