Adjustment of Status Approved – Client Review by Frank D.

Adjustment of Status Approved - Immigration Lawyer & Attorney

All client testimonials are written by my former clients who you may request to contact and speak with, depending upon their personal schedules and preferences.

Our family used Michael’s counsel several years back for adjustment of status.

We weren’t going the route of those big name firms, loudly advertising on various media channels every 10 minutes.  Other acquaintances reported of signing on with these firms, but complained they always felt they were an anonymous case, dealing with revolving paralegals time and again.  Theirs were nightmares of being stuck in legal limbo for years — not making any progress at all, but that retainer still had to be renewed and paid.  I definitely wasn’t taking my family that route.

After canvassing and interviewing many immigration law firms, all I can visualize on the other end of the receiver each time were cartoony dollar signs talking *at* me.  I stopped when I reached Michael S. Cho.  I didn’t hear the usual mumbo jumbo, his timeline was sensible and clear, and his up-front price seemed fair.  After I checked out his pedigree (University of Chicago Law School) and read his other reviews, we decided to go with Michael S. Cho.

I cannot impress more how appreciative and grateful we were of how Michael managed our case.  Michael is an adroit communicator and demonstrated a great deal of knowledge with current legislation.  He stuck with the original timeline (less than a year), and was very responsive with all of our queries along the way.  I usually received a response from him within 24 hours.  And even better yet, I never spoke to a paralegal or an associate attorney; we dealt with our attorney, Michael S. Cho, directly each time.  Not once did I ever feel that we were churning in some legal mill of a money pit.

It may sound oxymoronic — but I gathered that Michael S. Cho is an honestly decent immigration attorney.  We never felt that he was beating around the bush or holding us out for even more money.  Though we mainly communicated via phone and email, I always felt Michael exemplified good qualities of integrity and that he always treated us with dignity.  He did the job, and he’s *very good* at what he does.  Suffice to say, I highly recommend him now to friends and acquaintances when appropriate.

By Frank D. in San Francisco, CA