How You Can Get Started

Fast and Easy Start to your Fiance Visa Petition
Please contact me at 323.238.4620 or request a Free Consultation with me.  If you meet the legal requirements to proceed with the fiance visa petition, I can send you materials right away so that we can get started today.

Instructions in Plain English
After we discuss your details and open the case, I send you a comprehensive letter going over the best strategy to get approved for the fiance visa.  You also receive client questionnaires for you and your fiance to fill out; a list of all supporting documents to gather and send to our office; sample certificate of translation and affidavits of intent to marry; along with tips to prepare for the U.S. consulate interview and maximize the probability of approval.

Professional Preparation and Expedited Attorney Filing
I personally prepare and review your application for completeness and accuracy.  If you qualify, I can file a request for expedited processing at no additional charge to you.

Digital Scan of All Your Immigration Documents
Both you and our office will receive a notice from the USCIS confirming receipt of your fiance visa petition.  Every document you provide to me along with all USCIS correspondence relating to your case is digitally scanned and made available to you via e-mail.

Thorough Preparation of your Fiance for the Consulate Interview
Additional forms are sent to your fiance by the U.S. Department of State.  I will have already prepared these forms for you and helped you obtain all supporting documents needed for the consular interview.  This significantly reduces delays typically caused by back & forth correspondence.  Your fiance usually receives a notice in the mail  from the U.S. Department of State with the date and location of the visa interview.  Your fiance must attend this interview with the complete set of updated documents we have prepared beforehand.  Your fiance must pay for the  medical examination and visa issuance fee.  The fiance visa is usually issued within a few days after the interview.

Complementary Monitoring and Maintenance of your Spouse’s Immigration Status
After your fiance enters the U.S., you must get married and file a green card application within 90 days of his or her entry into the country.  I can file the green card application for you quickly and efficiently no matter where you are located since I will already be very familiar with the details of your case.