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Client review posted 2 months ago

Nira Kinkhabwala

My husband and I are so glad we found Mr. Cho! He made our immigration process so easy. He has immense knowledge and knew exactly what needed to be done. Everything was organized, detailed and to the point. If we had any questions, he would answer right away. We want to Thank you Mr.Cho for all you have done. Will recommend you everytime!!!
Thank you!!!
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Client review posted 2 years ago

Larry Andrews

Mr Cho prepared an amazingly detailed and professional appeal for my fiance's visa denial. As a result her waiver was approved and we are now waiting for her K-1 Visa from the overseas embassy. He is honest and straightforward and persistent. And best of all he delivers results. I highly recommend him. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 3 years ago

Andy Sandhu

My life has been a story of going through an array of terrible immigration attorneys. My mother went through the same thing and it was bestowed upon me that I was on my own after I turned 18.

I had counseled many great attorneys in the Seattle area and it was told I had no chance. It was Michael that told me straightforward what my options were. His fees were more than reasonable considering how professional and responsive he is.

As of today in my permanent residency I-485 application was approved and the interviewing officer was very impressed with how the paperwork was presented; as well as my personal binder which I organized in council with Mr. Cho's instructions.

I've been living with this immigration situation for most of my life and I couldn't have done it without him.

Thank you!
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Client review posted 3 years ago

Paola Andrea Gregory

I can't thank enough Mr .Cho and his team for putting together such a well-written waiver for me. My husband and I hired Mr. Cho after finding out I needed the I-601 and I-212 waivers, and after reaching out to him on his website, he contacted me that same day to find out more about my case. Mr. Cho was very diligent, and thanks to his hard work, my waivers were approved on May 2nd this year. Not only is he an experienced lawyer when it comes to waivers but he also offers his service at an affordable price. Thank you again Mr. Cho. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 3 years ago

Grace Lee

I applied for my sister's green card through another attorney. However, INS responded with a condition which was a difficult one which could have been addressed and prevented if the first attorney did thorough job.

However, attorney Cho took it and prepared for the condition thoroughly. Then my sister received approval and she is coming in June. His service and professionalism with very reasonable fee impressed me and I really appreciate his excellent help.

I would recommend attorney Cho to anybody who need to get visa.
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Client review posted 3 years ago

William Ross

I have been friends with Michael for some time before needing help with immigration. This past year I got married and was looking to relocate to the USA. Michael's law services helped make the process go smoothly. The price of his service is very reasonable, and I highly recommend his law firm for anybody looking for help with immigration. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 3 years ago

Noushin Ravery

Very satisfied.. Mr. Cho is a very professional lawyer.. he always return your calls or email very fast
He is a man of his words
God bless him
He has a lot of knowledge and he knows all the law
Thank you Mr. cho for all you did for my family..
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Client review posted 4 years ago

Chandra Singh Pal

please i come your country ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 4 years ago

Yuri Gorzey

Michael Cho is the BEST immigration attorney I have ever worked with in my life!

I have law degree myself and for the past 7 years while being in the USA, I worked with over 6 different immigration attorneys. I paid a lot of money and I never seen such a high quality work and professional approach as Michael’s. My case was one of the most complicated ones and with Mr. Cho’s help we WON it!

Mr. Cho showed a great attention to details and high professionalism in preparation of my waiver application. I never seen such an outstanding work and was truly impressed by it. Michael is without a doubt your BEST choice, so don’t even waste your time searching on the internet, because I have already done it for you. I seriously doubt that someone will be able to provide you with better price and services than Michael Cho.

Michael is an attorney-genius and is a “Steve Jobs” of all immigration attorneys in the United States.

Michael, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary work and helping me win this “make or break" case!
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Client review posted 4 years ago

Conie Lesmeister

My Fiance, with the services of Attorney Michael Cho, recently received an I-601 wavier approval for INA Section 212(a)(6)(C)(i),Misrepresentation, which is a lifetime ban from the US if not overcome. Do not be fooled by Michael Cho's low fees, before retaining his services I had consulted with a couple of attorney's local to my area whom quoted me prices between $5000-$10,000, for the same Service that Michael Cho provides at fraction of the cost. These other attorney's outlined their procedure of handling the case and it is exactly the same procedure used by Michael Cho. The phrase 'Open Always' that Michael uses in not an understatement, he is always available to answer any questions you may have within hours. There have been many times, day or night, sometimes at 2am, that I would email Michael with a question, and he had always answered it within a few hours, I often wondered if he ever sleeps. If you need legal immigration services, I would highly recommend The Law Offices of Micheal Cho. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 4 years ago

Didi Kay

We recently got approved for I-601 waiver for my son, attorney Michael Cho is clearly one of the best there is in Los Angeles, if not in the rest of the country! Not only are his fees reasonable, he is a genius, competent, very responsive, calming and positive attorney. I never could have thought our case had a chance. His professionalism is above all! His work is flawless! How he manages to respond while working all these hard hours to draft our cases keeps me mesmerized.
Don't get discouraged if he deals with phone and email only, he saves you time and from my experience he exemplifies amazing quality and integrity beyond description.
If you are looking for an immigration attorney, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Michael Cho and wish him and his office all the best.
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Client review posted 4 years ago

Rebecca Settle Adeyemi

Mr. Cho recently won my visa waiver for my husband. My husband and I started this process in 2010 with another frim in the Tampa Bay area. It was a nightmare. The fees alone were over 5000 dollars. There were so many mistakes and in the end we lost our case in 2015 and needed to complete a waiver. I knew that I needed to hire another attorney but I was really skeptical with all my problems with my last lawyer. After talking to many lawyers I came upon Mr. Cho's website, so I started researching him. After my research I decided to email him. Mr. Cho called me the very next day. After talking with him. I decided to hire him. Mr. Cho's fees were very reasonable. He answered any questions I had and he always got back to me the next business day which was great. Mr. Cho was respectful and told me what I would have to obtain to complete the waiver. I followed his instruction and obtained the documents that he required to complete the waiver. His presentation was well written and I could see his expertise in the preparation of the waiver. Now that my husband is here we plan on obtaining his services again to bring over my husband’s daughter. I would recommend Mr. Cho to anyone that needs an immigration attorney. I can’t thank him enough for all of his help. – Rebecca ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 4 years ago

Tydieu Le

I highly recommend attorney Michael Cho as he helped my finance to get approved on I-601 waiver with the reasonable price. The process took us 5 months to get approval. He replies my email or message very quick. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 4 years ago

Ser CG

I recently used the immigration services of the Law Offices of Michael Cho, My husband was denied an immigrant visa by US Immigration. Mr. Cho's services were very reasonable, after considerable searching, his were the only services we could afford. This decision has proved to be a game changer for us as we recently received an approval on my husband's I-601.

We settled on Mr. Cho after several harrowing experiences with local immigration attorneys providing poor quality advice and services always at extravagant fees.

Mr. Cho is always available via telephone or email to answer any queries. His assistance in preparing to file the I-601 has been invaluable and very professional.

We both would highly recommend Mr. Cho's Immigration Offices as THE FIRST choice in US immigration waivers.
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Client review posted 4 years ago

Amanda N Cesar BuchananTanga

The law office's of Michael Cho helped us with an I-601 waiver of inadmissablity by filing for extreme hardship family was finally reunited after a 12 year seperation I only wish we had found this law office sooner thank you for all you've done for us. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 4 years ago

Christopher Kane

We would highly recommend hiring Michael Cho to help with immigration law. Mr. Cho is highly competent, his office has filed all our paperwork flawlessly and he always responds to questions in a timely manner. He was instrumental in helping us attain a visa in what is a very difficult process. We can finally live as a normal family. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 4 years ago

Franken Schnitzel

Our family used Michael's counsel several years back for adjustment of status.

We weren't going the route of those big name firms, loudly advertising on various media channels every 10 minutes. Other acquaintances reported of signing on with these firms, but complained they always felt they were an anonymous case, dealing with revolving paralegals time and again. Theirs were nightmares of being stuck in legal limbo for years -- not making any progress at all, but that retainer still had to be renewed and paid. I definitely wasn't taking my family that route.

After canvassing and interviewing many immigration law firms, all I can visualize on the other end of the receiver each time were cartoony dollar signs talking *at* me. They all sounded the same and sold the same spiel. But I finally stopped when I reached Michael S. Cho.

Michael didn't spout off the usual mumbo jumbo. His timeline was clear and sensible, and his up-front price seemed fair. After I checked out his pedigree (Claremont McKenna College; University of Chicago Law School) and read his other reviews, we decided to go with Michael S. Cho. That decision couldn't have been more right.

I cannot impress more how appreciative we were of Michael managing our case. Michael is an adroit communicator and demonstrated a great deal of knowledge with current legislation. He stuck with the original timeline (less than a year), and was very responsive with all of our queries along the way. I usually received a response from him within 24 hours. And even better yet, I never spoke to a paralegal or an associate attorney; we dealt with our attorney, Michael S. Cho, directly each time. Not once did I ever feel that we were churning in some legal mill of a money pit.

It may sound oxymoronic -- but I gathered that Michael S. Cho is an honestly decent immigration attorney. We never felt that he was beating around the bush or holding us out for even more money. Though we mainly communicated via phone and email, I always felt Michael exemplified good qualities of integrity and that he always treated us with dignity. He did the job, and he's *very good* at what he does. Suffice to say, I highly recommend him now to friends and acquaintances when appropriate.
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Client review posted 5 years ago

Gary Barsdorf

Michael and his staff have been a pleasure to work with. we found their process to be thorough, steady, effective and most importantly, affordable. we learned Friday that our case was so well prepared that the USCIS is considering processing our petitions without even interviewing us!! remarkable. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 5 years ago

Annie Sun

I google law office on internet , before i decided to hire Michale Cho as my attorney, I talked to more than 10 lawyers which I got their information online, By compare all the lawyer I talked to and the advice they provide me for my case, I made a decision to follow Michael. Today I just finished the greencard interview, my documents which Michael help us submit to immigration office are very clear and complete, the immigration officer never ask as to provide any extra envidence. I am very happy The Law office of Michael Cho resolve our problem. Many Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 5 years ago

Stuart Lindsay

I was concerned about using the internet to find a lawyer, but persuaded by the great reviews of Michael Cho's work. The reviews are right on the mark. Michael called back immediately, and was careful to warn me that visa waivers are hard to get (the opposite of a hard sell). He is hard working, responsive and quite brilliant. I have never read work as well composed as his cover letter for the application I was working on. To top all of this, his fees are very reasonable. It looks like the application is now successful. I had paid a lot more in the past for poor quality work by a locally recommended firm. I appreciate Michael enormously and am so glad that I trusted internet reviews! A great lawyer. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 5 years ago

Robbie Hans

Mr.Cho, Just would like to thank you for our success in bringing
my girls both home to me, via, K-1 Visa and US Citizen born abroad..
and, our latest adjustment of status (after marriage)
In the case of Hanshew-Padios we are very grateful to you..
We shall be using you're services again this year to remove
the conditions on my wife's permanent resident status.
Best wishes to you and yours in 2015 (the year of the Ram)
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Client review posted 6 years ago

Jamal E Midani

i would like to thank Mr. michael cho for having my case and follow up all information and document needs...
best regards,
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Client review posted 6 years ago

Polly Pattana Graham

I am so grateful to have Mr. Cho helped me with my case. Very professional, always answers all the questions I have about the process and the case. I highly recommend Mr. Cho for immigration cases. Thank you so much for all your help! ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 6 years ago

Vincent Nigel King

we are very grateful to Mr Michael's efforts in helping my wives waiver petition, he was helpful, he was always there to reply to our emails, and filling I-601. he has alot of knowledge about US immigration.he was with us thoughout the whole process, for which we are very thankful ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 6 years ago

Ray Travis

Could not have been happier with the work and professionalism that was provided by Mr Cho in preparing our 601 Waiver. He was always timely with all internet responses or telephone calls and our total costs was very, very reasonable for the work the was put in on this waiver. Thank you Mr. Cho for the success we got with your wonderful help.

Joseph and Kristin
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Client review posted 6 years ago

Tory Prestera

I am able to confidently recommend Mr Cho for preparation of 601 waivers.

Mr Cho prepared our 601 waiver for our K1 Visa case at a reasonable cost and in a professional and timely manner. At all times he was no nonsense and focused on the work at hand. He was able to refer me to the appropriate professionals to support our case. He was able to work over the internet and phone saving a lot of time and trouble by collecting all documents that did not require an original signature by scan and email.

He answered all my relevant questions almost always within 1 day. He was able to meet my request to speed up the preparation of our application (for reasonable additional cost) and he met the all of the time goals we set.

He was able to put together all the aspects of our case in a very strong waiver letter that was clear and easy to understand.

He provided ALL the required documents USCIS needed, organized them and did not leave anything out such that there were NO ERRORS or missing documents and USCIS had all the information that they needed on the first try to approve the application in a timely fashion.

I first contacted Mr Cho in early January 2014, with much hard work on everyones part, the waiver was received at USCIS on Feb 21, and fairly quickly approved without RFE or any other questions from USCIS on June 12.

I believe that cases that are well prepared, well supported with clear and relevant evidence, and that are easy for the adjudicator to understand are more likely to be approved quickly.

Mr. Cho can assist you with this, and also help you avoid costly mistakes that might take extra time or even cause you to have your case denied.

Thank you
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Client review posted 6 years ago

Isaac Nakamura

Thank you thus far Mr. Cho. We are very grateful for your help and we can assure you that you will be hearing from us again in the future for other processes that I'm sure we will have to go through. You have surpassed all of our expectations and would definitely recommend your services to anyone.
My Brazilian fiance and I were wanting to begin the process of obtaining a fiance visa for her in October 2013. After beginning the paperwork on our own and looking at what else we needed, both of us just kind of wondering what to fill out and when to submit it, we began searching for help. We contacted numerous lawyers throughout the U.S. and Brazil, all of whom wanted an arm, a leg, and our first born child just for the effort of gathering the forms and having us fill them out anyway. Until one day I was searching on Google again, and I just happened across Mr. Cho's website. After seeing that he was based in California, and me living about 2000 miles away, I had my doubts but I gave him a call anyway.
I was really wanting to find someone that I could converse with face-to-face in an office, but I gave him a chance and to my surprise, he was very very helpful and couldn't beat the price. We communicated mostly through email and surprisingly, again, he answers his emails on Saturdays and some Sundays. He answers his own phones. I believe I got a receptionist maybe once? I can't remember, but we just received her visa in the mail and are now planning on Diane Dias's arrival in August. Thank you again Michael Cho. All in all, it took 7 months to get her visa in the mail, but over 1 month of that was waiting for the Brazilian postal service to get it to her after her interview.
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Client review posted 6 years ago

Crenghi Tam

I don't even know how to thank you Mr. Cho for your patience, help, and knowledge that you provided. Because of you, I was grated the I-601 waiver, with your guidance we were able to receive the approval, we are very happy and we recommend you with all our heart and gratitude. Thank you again and God Bless you. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 6 years ago

Francisco Javier Beltrán

Thanks to Mr. Cho for his services, he is a highly recommended professional. Keeps constant and open communication, expeditious response times and a very respectful approach to all situations. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 6 years ago

Chloe Prior

I have used the services of Mr Cho's firm twice in the last 3 years for my immigration needs, and both times my expectations were not only met, but exceeded.

The first time was when I moved to the USA and married an American citizen, we browsed the internet for weeks looking for local attorneys who could help us apply for an adjustment of status...they all charged huge fees and wanted money just for a consultation. As soon as we contacted Mr Cho, I felt that he would be able to help us. His fee was fantastic compared to everyone else - although we mostly communicated through email (I am on the opposite side of the country from his offices), he was incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions quickly and concisely. My first case was approved within 5 months and my conditional residency was granted.

I was in need of his services again when I divorced my American spouse - I had to remove the conditions of residency to stay in the country after my divorce. Mr Cho was very kind and once again prepared all of the paperwork for my case, helping me gather evidence of a bona fide marriage to submit to the USCIS. We mailed the package in the first week of July, and by the middle of October, we were asked to submit additional evidence. Less than a month after doing so and WITHOUT AN INTERVIEW, my Permanent Residency was granted and I am now a legal US Resident.

I thank Mr Cho from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work and time he put into my cases. He cares about his clients and will do everything in his power to help them succeed.
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Client review posted 7 years ago

Peter Lee

I highly recommend Michael Cho’s services for anyone looking for a successful outcome to their immigration needs. I hired Michael Cho to represent my fiancée and I for the K-1 Fiancée Visa process. The interactions were done mainly through email, but there was absolutely no loss in the service provided. Michael Cho was able to successfully guide us through the application and interview process to obtain the fiancée visa. Listed below are some specific reasons why I would choose Michael Cho to be my immigration lawyer:

1. Michael always responded quickly with answers to all of my questions. Responses via email were always within hours.

2. Michael’s services were more cost effective than local lawyers.

3. Michael provided step-by-step instructions and explained the entire process, which made it easy for us to know what to do.

4. Michael has deep knowledge and experience to be proactive when necessary. Michael correctly advised me to file additional forms and information so that our application would not be held up at the USCIS.

5. Michael filed the forms and followed up with the USCIS when our case seemed to take longer.

6. Michael prepared my fiancée for the interview by making sure we had the necessary forms, letters, pictures, etc. He was also willing to hold a mock interview and answer any last minute questions before the consular interview.

7. My fiancée mentioned that she was well prepared with all documents and requirements needed for the consular interview. Her successful interview only lasted a minute.

For my fiancée and I, our decision to apply for the K-1 Fiancée Visa was one of the most important steps for our relationship. I wanted everything done right the first time, with no delays and failures. Michael Cho was able to make this possible. If you are looking for a professional immigration lawyer who covers the entire basis and works tirelessly to represent you to a successful outcome, hire Michael Cho and you will not be disappointed.
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Client review posted 7 years ago

Tiffanie Beever

My fiance and I found Michael Cho online to help us with our K-1 Petition. I am still amazed at how quickly and thoroughly Michael answered all of the questions we had during the process. He helped us to easily navigate the process and paperwork. We will continue to use Michael for all of our immigration needs and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of an attorney! ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 7 years ago

Sofia Bobby Martin

Michael helped me a few years back and I wanted to say thank you! I am originally from Sweden and have lived in San Diego since 2004. I now have my green card and I just had a beautiful baby. I definitely recommend Michael's services to all friends, family and to anyone looking for some advice and help with immigration. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 7 years ago

Anya Vaverko

My husband and I found Michael Cho's services online and he worked remotely on our case (we were based in Texas) for the duration of his services. We previously had tried to file for my husband's permanent residency, yet no matter how hard we tried, we could not figure our way through the forms. Over the course of providing his services, Michael Cho answered countless questions for us over email and phone. He made the process much easier for us, and the filing was a success. Even now, years later, when we have contacted him with questions, he has replied promptly and cordially. We really appreciate his services and would highly recommend him to others. ... See MoreSee Less

Client review posted 7 years ago

David Harold Preuss II

We hired Michael Cho as our attorney to help us obtain conditional permanent residency for my wife, -as she is from Mexico. I recommend Mr. Cho with the highest confidence to anyone seeking a professional, accessible, meticulous and knowledgeable attorney for immigration matters.

He answered every call and email, personally, often within hours of my sending them. When we arrived for our interview we were fully prepared through Mr. Cho's guidance and input. All of our forms, which we completed through him, were perfect.

Before I hired him, I pointed out to Mr. Cho that he was more expensive than the fly-by-night guy I found on Craig's list. He didn't waiver when he told me I'd get my money's worth if I went with him. He was right. I got my money's worth, easily; his services are well worth the money.

If you are looking for someone who can help you through this process and turn it from something complex and intimidating to something approachable, manageable, and most of all, successful, I highly recommend Micheal Cho.
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Client review posted 7 years ago

Henri Guidry

When I decided to bring my Philippine fiance to the United States I originally thought that I could handle all the immigration paper work and process my self. After spending several hours downloading all the forms and their instructions as well as using an entire ream of paper, I realized this was going to be a very daunting process. So I began an online search for an immigration lawyer. I wanted one with offices in Los Angeles where I live and made several calls before finally settling on Michael Cho. Most of my contact with him was via email but he always responded to my queries and answered my questions. He sent all the required forms for both myself and my fiance to us in PDF type format and they were very easy for both of us to fill out online. After submission, the forms were always available online for both of us the make copies for our records and interviews. His data collection and advice were very timely and thorough.

When it was time for me to go to the Philippines for the interview at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Mr. Cho coordinated an online mock interview for both me and my fiance. Considering the 16 hour time difference, this was no easy feat but it went rather well and both I and my fiance felt reasonably assured that we were well prepared. As it turned out, we were so well prepared, immigration officials from both countries looked at our paper work, stamped it and only asked one or two questions. It did help that we had created a binder with all the required forms and had everything tabbed and labeled so we could quickly find information.

Once in the United States and married, we continued to used Mr. Cho to apply for change of status, work permits, alien registration and Social Security Cards. I also decided to pay for everything in advance, to include the Naturalization process. Everything arrived within a reasonable amount of time and my wife is now a U.S. Citizen. The entire process, to include naturalization, took less than four years from start to finish. There was only one glitch but it was easily handled before my wife's citizenship ceremony. The road to U.S. Citizenship was another round of paper work and interviews but with Mr. Cho's advice and guidance, it was completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend him
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Client review posted 7 years ago

Jenny Coleman

I was in need of a I-601 Waiver. I contacted about 5 Immigration attorneys for consultations about my case. A few said they would not take my case because they felt it was to difficult. Michael Cho was the only Attorney I contacted that that answered his own phone and not a secretary or assistant. Attorney Cho was honest but also optimistic concerning my chances on getting a visa.
He guided me through the process. Mr Cho made himself available night and day. He answered my emails and phone calls usually within a few hours or less. The waiver was successful and now my wife has her green card and we are on our way to citizenship. A great big thanks to Michael Cho.

Chris and Jenny
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Client review posted 7 years ago

Clay Welch

Michael took the guess work out of filing for my wife's permanent residency. He was very accessible all of the time to answer our massive amounts of questions, and provided an excellent service all around. I am a tax accountant and at first tried to wade through the adjustment of status process by myself. I soon realized that immigration is more complex than the U.S. tax code, so I hired a professional! Michael is affordable, and very good at what he does. ... See MoreSee Less

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