USCIS Lockbox Filing Tip

Michael S Cho Immigration Lawyer

The USCIS Lockbox Facilities where immigration petitions are filed advises that exhibit tabs used by applicants are discarded before the filing reaches an officer for adjudication.  Additionally, colored page dividers are sometimes moved to the back of the filing before the file reaches an officer for adjudication.

If exhibits are critical to the petition, such as EB-1 cases or waivers, the lockbox recommends that applicants annotate each page of their supporting documentation with the exhibit number and page number at the bottom of the page (for example “Exhibit #, Page # of #”).

This helps ensure that adjudicating officer can easily refer to the appropriate documents and pages outlined in the petition. In addition, it may be helpful to cross reference the exhibits in the employer support letter, attorney brief, or other similar submissions. A master “Exhibit List” may also be helpful in organizing petitions with extensive supporting documentation.